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In fact it is possible to display your family crest on all sorts of items. The signet ring is favourite but also cufflinks are much loved. Both items have a their individual page on this website. For those who prefer something different, we have the following options:


A pendant can be made in gold or silver and in any shape or form. We do not offer a standard design. They are exclusively handmade. For the Cameo pendants we use special Agate stones. The surface often has a light colour and the underlayer can be black, blue, red or green.  The stones are engraved in such a manner, that the crest remains set and the other material is cut out which results in a three-dimensional effect. The engraving is also displayed in a positive image (not meant for sealing) and the family crest has a raised impression.

Gold pendant with red layered cameo

The reversible pendant; pictured pendant is in fact an antique example of a seal pendant. The oval can be turned.  The back is made of gold and can also be engraved.  Of course the front, in this case a beautiful Carnelian, can be engraved too.

Reversible seal pendant with engraved blue-layered stone

Heraldic Pendant gold with Blue engraved Agate

Antique example of a golden pendant with reversible Carnelian

Heraldic Pendant gold with carneleon

Golden seal pendant with reversible gold plate

Heraldic reversable Pendant gold with carneleon

Here below some more examples of craftsmanship. It is possible to make pendants with stones meant for engraving, cameo stones or in all gold. Exceptionally beautiful for instance is a gold pendant set with a doublet stone of mountain crystal and mother of pearl in which the family crest is hand painted. Recently we were requested to develop a very large cameo for a keychain. All hand work and exclusively manufactured.

Gold pendant, mountain crystal and mother of pearl

pendant with engraved rock crystal

Silver keychain with cameo

Silver key ring

Golden cameo pendant