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Ladies signet rings distinguish themselves by the size and design of the ring.  The ring is mostly smaller in comparison to a gentleman’s signet ring and usually the finer models, where the shank is attached to the bezel (centerpiece) are more popular.  The ladies are also more progressive in using coloured stones. As where the gentlemen prefer traditional blue and green, the ladies rather choose red layered stones en more distinctive colours.  Below some examples of our classic models.  Characteristic is that these rings have a smooth shank and overflow in to the bezel.

Classic Oval

Classic oval ladies signet ring

Classic Cushion

Signet ring gold classic cushion

Classic Tonneaux

signet ring gold classic tonneaux

Popular designs of ladies rings are the ones with a separate bezel (centre piece) and attached shank (ring band). The shank can consist of a singulair round band or divided in to two or three.  To create a nice attachment to the centre piece a diagonal band can be added. This band can also be set with diamonds.  These particular models are known to us as single shank, single band in case of a singulair shank and one diagonal band. Double shank, double band speaks for itself, in case of a shank divided in two and with two diagonal bands.
All variations are possible.  Please find some examples below:

Single band, single shank

women's signet ring oval single shank singe band

Triple shank, single band in white gold with a red layered stone

women's signet ring oval triple shank singe band

Ladies signet-ring, double shank , double band

women's signet ring oval double shank double band

The ladies signet rings are subjective to fashion and no longer so traditional as one might think. There are many possibilities in regard to the types of stones and gold.  Red layered and green layered stones, for example, are gorgeous and very feminine and come in numerous colour combinations.

Green layered stone

Engraved red layered stone

women's signet ring oval double shank single band

Also spectaculair are the rings with use of coloured gemstones like Tourmaline, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, Hematite etc.
Here below a small impression:

Green Agate

14 kr t geelgouden dameszegelring,klassiek ovaal model. De steen gegraveerd met een ruitvormig schild, wrong en helmten



women's signet ring oval triple shank singe band with Turmaline

White gold, Mountain cristal, Mother of Pearl and Diamond

women's signet ring oval double shank single band

Rose gold, diamond setting and synthetic Sapphire

18 kt gold, diamonds and engraved synthetic blue saphire