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Signet rings can be made with a wide variety of stones. The most common stones are shown below.

In the past years we have noticed that the ladies rather prefer different stones than the traditional blue layered ones. We regularly make ladies rings with an Almandine (Garnet), Sapphire (blue and yellow),  Topaz (blue), Aquamarine, Smokey Quartz, Tourmaline and Citrine. These stones are especially cut to be engraved. However these translucent stones are vulnerable in comparison to the untransparent stones.

Topaz with baguette cut diamonds

white gold signet ring with blue Topaz flanked with tapered baguette diamonds

The rings can be made in 14 ct (585/1000) or 18 ct (750/1000) gold. These two selections are divided in the following gold colours : pale yellow, warm yellow, white, red, dark rose or rose gold. We do not recommend silver for our rings. As silver is much softer these ring are lot more fragile.  Of course we can make them upon special request. The costs to fabricate a ring is silver are equal to a gold ring but the material price is much lower. A gold ring is meant to last at least 40 years, or more.

Displayed below you will find the 6 shades of blue layered stones (from dark to light). On the second row: Onyx, Bloodstone, Lapis Lazuli, blue Agate, Carnelian, red layered Agate

different signet ring stones

Selection of engraved signet stones