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Signet rings come in all shapes and sizes.  We have displayed the traditional shapes below. The most common shapes are:


As you can see, the shapes are displayed lengthwise.  The most rings are made this way because the most family crests are engraved elongated.

Of course it is possible to use a different shape or to have the shape placed diagonally.  Rings where the shape is placed on the finger diagonally are most suitable for alliance crests (the gentlemen’s crest combined with the ladies crest) or monograms.

The size of the base shape (surface) depends on the size of the hand and of course the personal preferences or the ring wearer. The smaller the hand, the smaller the size of the base shape. Please note that we can make the ring in any shape or size, no matter how small or large.

Our signet rings can be set with any seal stone of choice. Almost any stone is possible, as you can see on our page stone and precious metal selections. The only condition is that the stone should be hard enough. A softer stone will have a lot to endure in a signet ring. Should you prefer a solid gold ring, also known as cachet ring,  this is also possible in any shape or size and in any type of gold or in silver.