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The popularity of cufflinks has increased substantially the past years. It is an amazing gift to receive a pair of beautiful cufflinks from your parents or loved ones.  Cufflinks are timeless. I myself still have the cufflinks once owned by my grandfather. He has worn them many times, as have I.  They are over a 100 years old and still in great condition. We still make this particular model.

Grandad's cufflinks


As we are specialists in the field of signet rings and family crests, correspondingly there is a demand for cufflinks with a family crest.   The cufflinks, likewise to our signet rings, are handmade.  Therefore any design is possible. We can fabricate the cufflinks in 14ct or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold or silver. The cufflinks can be made in solid gold or set with a stone of choice.

                                 Here below three types of traditional cufflinks set with signet stones.

Blue layered stone engraved with Saint George and the dragon

traditional round cufflinks set with blue Agate

White gold, Classic oval cufflinks

traditional oval cufflinks set with blue Agate

Classic octagon set with Carnolian

traditional cufflinks octagon set with Carneleon
Solid cufflinks

Selection of traditional cufflinks en jumelles

Traditional cuff links en jumelles

Classic oval cufflinks, 2 mm plate size with monogram

Gold cuff links with engraved monogram

Oval cufflinks en jumelles with surface engraving

Gold cuff links with engraved coat of arms

Cufflinks with hand painted family crest

White gold cufflinks with coat of arms

Cufflinks, engraved Mountain Crystal and painted crest

Gold cuff links with engraved coat of arms and hand painted

Engraved Mountain Crystal with Mother of Pearl under the stone

Here below an animation with a selection of cufflinks