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To make a perfect seal print of a signet ring or wax stamp please read the following instructions thoroughly. Warning! Please work carefully. You are working with volatile material and de wax can get extremely hot and possibly cause burns.


  • wax bar
  • alcohol lamp
  • candle
  • signet ring
  • talcum powder (optional)

Light the candle and alcohol lamp.zegellak Gutenberg
Remove your signet ring and place in your hand.

In case you have talcum powder available, you can use a little to lightly cover the engraving. Otherwise you can hydrate the engraving slightly by simply breathing on it. You are able to darken the engraving (ring) by holding it in the candle flame gently and not too long, so it blackens by the carbon

Once this is done, you need to soften the wax by holding this in the flame of the alcohol burner in a turning motion. You then place the wax on the object you would like to seal, as much as you think is necessary. The placed wax can be softened again by gently holding the object in the flame of the alcohol burner.

Place the object on a flat surface when the wax is soft enough. Gently press the ring in the wax and withdraw after a few seconds. If all went well, you should have a perfect seal print.
In case there are some wax remains left on the ring, you can remove them with a toothbrush and some alcohol.